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ZEroCO2 Climate Caravan

ZEroCO2 constantly keeps moving!
The ZEroCO2 transnational campaign, "Climate Caravan", travels throughout Europe: Portugal, Spain, Italy and Gre­ece; these main caravan spots.

Energy saving and efficiency, renewable energy sources and sustainable life style are important issues all over Europe: the future challenge is to face the questions together as European citizens.

The international Caravan’s crew will set up exhibitions, shows and events in general, in order to involve children, schools, municipalities, administrators and local entrepreneurs in climate issue.

Our road campaign is a key tool to develop and spread awareness and attention for the energy efficiency issue and the best practices to reach it.

The Caravan shows the path to change the global environmental situation to a better reality; from global to local and back!

How does your town can be a promoter of change?

Join in the Caravan and be part of the changing!


Climate caravan trip finish in Bari. After 3500 Km in Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal, Climate Caravan is in Bari for its last stop.

Like in the other places, Climate caravan crew met pupils, citizens, in a special location: the National Congress of Legambiente. 800 people and some special guest, firstly the Mayor of Bari Michele Emiliano




It's the last stop for the Climate Caravan, and for this, we choose an extraordinary location: the national congress of Legambiente, there were hundreds of people from everywhere in Italy and a lot of special guest!

Follow us in these days in Bari!

From Marvao, last Portuguese stop, to L'Alcudia; a long trip back to Spain is awaiting the Climate Caravan Crew.

Time to disassembly and move to the Valencian Community, another involved area of ZEroCO2


No time to rest: schools are waiting for Climate Caravan! Quick set up and go: first classes are here


Next days the Climate Caravan exhibition and Climatopoly will host many children from the local schools; stay tuned! 

See video

Climate Caravan keeps traveling in Alentejo; four municipality more after Avis.









In Marvao, the Feira da Castanha hosted climate Caravan; an important local event that involved almost 10.000 people from all over the region; the perfect way to reach not only pupils from the local school, but citiziens and visitors also.


                                                            A Feira


 Thanks Portugal: See you in Spain!

5th stop Marvao

In Avis school, activities go on fast rate.
Many pupils and teachers listening the guide on the exhibition; other classes playing Climatopoly and the new Trivial


Meanwhile, up town in the City Hall the, an important workshop "Gestao Energetica Municipal - Oportunidades e Desafios" is work in progress; administrators from the Alto Alentejo and entrepreneurs working on local energy policies and future challenge.


In the afternoon, the crew prepare to disassembly.
It's time to move to Sousel, another ZEroCO2 involved municipality that will give hospitality to Climate Caravan in Portugal.


See video

On November 07 Climate Caravan begins its portuguese period.
In the morning the crew's number increase; AREANATejo and CIMAA staff reach Climate Caravan to join in.

The team is complete: lets' set up

The exhibition get ready!


The school's gym is the perfect spot to hold the Climate Caravan and the expected mass of pupils



A news in Climate Caravan: the eco Trivial Pursuit by AREANATejo, perfect beside Climatopoly


By the afternoon the first classes; many children from the school complex, from 6 to 15 yo; an hard job for the Caravan's Crew


Climate changing, renewable energy sources, Covenant of Mayors, etc: useful informations for the classes, but many others interesting activities are waiting: role games and workshops, the best way to catch the pupils' attention



Ana&Ana: a special thanks to our portoguese partners by AREANATejo and CIMAA


See video

From Greece to Spain, throughout Italy; Caravan's Crew lands in Barcelona; few hours to reach Valencia by night.
A well deserved night of sleep in the wonderful Valencia, close to the Calatrava's bridge, it's right what the crew needs to face the long trip to leave the Spain and reach Portugal.

November 06; wake up early!
Time to go: almost nine hours by car are waiting for Caravan's crew; a long way to reach Avis, first portuguese stop of the schedule.


Long but amazing on the road trip throughout Extremadura Region; wild nature is the constant element of this trip


In the evening the crew receives the first surpise: Herdade de Cortesia.
A modern, but perfectly integrated complex for housing people who pass the nice Alentejo region: Herdade, en facts, reverse the concept of eco-friendly building; not the hotel deployed in the nature, but a part of the envionment itself; here high energy efficiency and use of RES are the standard.
The perfect place to host the Caravan's crew.


Time to relax in this wonderful, paceful spot, but many pupils are attending the Climate Caravan's arrival, so the exhibition must be ready within tomorrow November 07



Bye Greece: that's Portugal time!

Time to say Goodbye Greece for Climate Caravan.

In spite several troubles by last days in Greece, the climate Caravan Crew is leaving the wonderful Cyclades island to reach Portugal.

The national strike time in Greece holds the crew few days more, but now the Caravan is ready to go: another long journey throughout Mediterranean is waiting our crew, that will pass Italy to land in Barcelona; then break in Valencia to rest one night and, finally Avis in Portugal.

As well as Greece and italy previously, many people are attending the CLimate Caravan events in several municipalities; exhibition, workshops, roleplaying, a general rich schedule foreseen next weeks.

Keep in touch!


Many buisness to face on October 06.

A crowd of loudy pupils are struggling on Climatopoly; the animators are hard working with classes and teachers;


In the bulding beside, meanwhile, ZEroCO2 steering committee start morning work session of 4th project meeting; a rich agenda on project up date, future activities and output.


Lunch time: a visit to the exhibition before eating.
All the meeting participants discover their childish side: Climatopoly it's not for children only! 






Day 4
Day 5

Climate Caravan Crew surfed on the Aegian sea to reach Cyclade Archipelago.
A long trip from Brindisi's harbour to Patra, then Syros




Hermoupolis, Syros island, will be the first stop of Caravan "Greek period": from October 06 to 15 Climate Caravan by its Greek crew will travel throughout the involved municipalities in Cyclades: exihibitions, workshop and meeting on ZEroCO2 main subjects in order to spread information and to make aware people on local work in progress.


October 05, day first: the Caravan's Crew set up the exhibition.

The location is wonderful: an old naval arsenal building right in front Syros harbour




Many children from the local schools are expected next days!


Climate Caravan 3rd stop in Syros - Greece
Climate Caravan 3rd stop in Syros - Greece
Climate Caravan 3rd stop in Syros - Greece

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